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Posted: January 8, 2011 in Art, Catherine, Holidays, Memories, Personal, Rant, Work

as my life slowly, but surely approaches the dreaded 30th, I have been doing some thinking… I need to start sorting my life out. I am technically an adult, however I don’t feel like it. I still think of myself as a kid.

Perhaps that is where the problem lies…
So, rather than post my “New Years resolutions, I am going to post my future goals and ambitions. At the very least, it will serve as a wake-up call to my future-self when he reads it in 5 years time.

1. Lose weight.
I am currently at 108kg, and that is simply not good enough. My aim is to get to 90-95kg by july. I need people who know me to help me with this. Don’t offer me the extra serving, don’t assume I will want to eat lots… Generally I don’t eat lots, anyway.

2. Get a full-time job
ahhh yes, the elusive “full-timer”. I have been searching for you since graduation, but never seem to find you… If anyone sees it, please inform me, so I can give it an owner… Of course, failing that…

3. Start my own business
I have had a few business ideas, but they usually get stuck on one small and tiny detail… And lack of funds… Mostly they are art business ideas, but a few have been music plans, and a few, only pipedreams… But this year, I want to start something on the side, for a little extra cash…

4. Start a band
I always enjoyed being in a band, but I haven’t been in a band now for 11 years. It’s time to get back out there… However I am very picky, and can be very serious. I enjoy jamming, and mucking about, but to make any kind of money, you have to be a serious musician. That means practice and discipline.
I would consider a cover-band doing 80s & 90s covers, a beratles band, a blues brothers band, or simply a blues band, doing original songs.

5. Get married
yes, contrary to what a lot of people may think, I do want to get married some day. In my mind though, it comes down to money. No money doesn’t just mean limited ceremony, but a tough future. Before this happens, I need to have a steady income. Hopefully, if I can start a business, or get a full-time job, it would speed up the process… Of course, this is how my mind sees it, and a few people would probably disagree. That is your opinion, this is mine.

6. Do more art
Yes, I make a living as an artist… But I want to do more art for me. I have been working on a project that will be launched soon, but this has become more of a chore than fun. More art, more guitars and more creative output.

7. Travel more
I want to go back to NYC, I am hooked!! I want to see Japan again, as well as see London, Ireland, Paris, Germany, Rome, Antarctica and even Central Australia and the Great Barrier Reef for the first times.

8. Finish my projects
I have started a lot of things, however I don’t always finish them. Guitars, canvasses, furniture, etc. i need to STOP starting new things, and finish some old ones, first.

9. Write a novel
since school, I have enjoyed writing to varying degrees, and have always planned to write a novel or a book of short stories, or even a childrens book, with illustrations. I am currently working on a plotline for a novel, and have a few short stories in the works… Will keep you posted on this one! 🙂

I am sure this list will be seeing some ongoing additions and changes, but at this point in my life, this is how I want it to be.

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