Need to write…

Posted: November 17, 2010 in Boring, Rant

I need to get off my arse and start writing…
Since high school, I have wanted to write a novel, a book of short stories, a children’s book with illustrations or anything really! I used to write quite a bit in school, by choice. I was even told by a few teachers that they would be amazed if i wasn’t published by the age of 30.
So why have I kept putting it aside? Not working towards one of my oldest hopes?

I am only just finding time and inspiration to blog more, as I have wordpress on my phone now. (although I still crosspost to my livejournal, but for how long, I don’t know…)
I have tried my hand at writing music, with limited success, bow now I am determined to write something of depth, length and interest.

I have a few rough ideas, but nothing I could share on here… Perhaps when I get it to a level of completion, I could post the first chapter or two.

So far, I have found the toughest part is finding a good starting point… where should the story begin? how shall I start? Should I introduce the main characters, or simply straight into the action, so as to pull the reader in, and let them learn about the characters throughout the story?

You may have noticed I have started blogging 1000% more than what I had blogged in recent months (years). Already this month, I think I have equalled my post count for last year.
Basically, I am using my new blog as a lever. Something to assist me in exercising my writing mind, and to try and assist in my typing, and in getting my thoughts down on paper, so to speak.

So far I have received a few comments on a few posts I have made, which definitely assists me in keeping motivated, and willing to write more. Simply knowing that people are reading makes me think that this is not just a pointless exercise in keyboard diarrhoea. I have already got about 4 more posts in the making, taking advantage of the “Drafts” option which I don’t think I ever noticed or used… is it possibly a new addition? or could it be that I have never needed to find it?

In any case, I am planning to post at least one post a week, starting of slowly, but also not simply posting a single paragraph of drivel.

I have set my targets on something, and that can only meant I am going to put in a damn good effort in obtaining it.

Stay tuned…


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