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Posted: April 18, 2010 in Personal, Work

I am having a bit of a down period atm…
It’s mostly to do with work, or lack thereof. I enjoy or HAVE enjoyed my industry for 6 years now, been working hard in this industry to try and make a career for myself, but I have reached the point where I am realising that not only is my bank account practically empty, I am not getting the hours I need, the industry is simply swamped with people completing short courses, or worse… 6 weeks crash courses etc to ‘become a designer!’


even with 6 years in the industry, I am finding it tough to get even an interview for a junior role (2 years minimum), let alone something that pays well… most places are looking for someone who can do everything, rolled into one convenient package, then offering them something crappy the consider a wage…
For Example: Graphic Artist with Web Design skills, Packaging Design Skills, Advertising agency experience favourable, fashion industry a plus, pay = $35,000
sorry, but if you want the ultimate designer, at least pay for it!

It really frustrates me!

I am actually considering leaving this industry (even though I DO enjoy it) simply because I cannot get work, or money, and I am just simply stuck in a rutt, and cannot keep going in life, living in debt with the tax department, and never being able to save ANYTHING!

The only reason I haven’t jumped ship yet, is because I have no idea what else I COULD do…


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