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Posted: March 30, 2010 in Personal

hi all
something that has always annoyed me, ever since I can remember, has been my weight.
I have always been a ‘bigger’ kid in school, and copped my fair share of shitty nicknames, but that has only half annoyed me (well, three-quarters annoyed at times!)
The part that annoys me the most is that no matter what I try, I cannot seem to get rid of it!
I have been dieting on and off for years now, and I am currently at about 112kg. This latest dieting speil (2 weeks in now) has got me down from 116kg.

yes ok, so far so good…

BUT… no matter what I do, eat healthy, exercise, or what ever… it ALWAYS come back!

It really pisses me off, knowing that no matter what I do, it will inevitably return within 2 years.

I see some people eating everything they want, no problems, scoffing down 3 helpings, and never gaining any weight. You seriously piss me off…

  1. gifted says:

    Do you drink fizzy? Cause beverage makes as much difference to diet as food. I know people who went on diets and couldn’t lose weight until they changed their drinking habits.
    Another thing to make sure is plenty of green veges (they produce B12, which positively affects your thyroid, which produces two major hormones, controlling tons of stuff in your body).
    And always get a good sleep at night.

  2. queen_mello says:

    Aww dude *hugs* If it’s any concilation I know plenty of people that have been scoffing anything and everything they could for years and it’s finally now hitting them. bwhahaha
    I’ve put on weight since starting my skin drugs so I thought I’d share some of the things I’ve been doing to get it back down as per the doctors:
    – replacing foods. For example: brown bread instead of white, avocado instead of cheese whenever possible, light yoghurt and musli instead of full cream milk, cereal and sugar, more veggies (plate divided up with half veggies, quarter meat and quarter carbs), no more creamy pasta sauces – go for the tomato based ones, no more alcohol (well it’s not like I can really drink it now anyway) etc
    – keeping track of what I eat: it helps!
    – starting to *gasp* exercise. I know, this is a big one for me. I’m doing this thing called the 30 day shred and I’ve noticed the impact it’s had. And just running on the treadmill. I’m going to start doing the pushup and situp challenge soon too.
    I do like what the dude said on your facebook, they have a good point there. 😀
    I know! We’ll support each other! How’s that?

    • 😀 thanks dude!
      i have been doing all of that already, even got a personal trainer now… but jogging is a bastard, and hurts the ol’ knees… cycling is awesome, but i barely break a sweat anymore…
      *huggz* we can be interstate workout buddies! 😀
      on a side note, do you have a new-ish Nokia phone? got an awesome program you might be interested in…

      • queen_mello says:

        LJ Notifications suck.
        ANYWAY, how’s your whole exercise regime going? I checked out your link of fb and it looks absolutely insane!
        Interstate Workout buddies! Woo!
        Newish? Hmm I bought one last year, would that count? Why, whats the program? TELL MEEEEEE *tugs on your leg*
        Oh! How are you tracking all your shit? Like just writing it down or what? Becauseee (I can’t believe I’m saying this) I signed up for this thing called sparkpeople and I gotta say it’s really helped as far as the whole motivation thing (plus its nutrition thing calculates the calories etc etc) and I’m blogging my progress on there. You should totally check it out and become my sparky buddy too. *keeps tugging at your leg* hahahahahahaha

      • well, program is called “Nokia Sportstracker”
        tracks the GPS, as well as a bunch of other stats (look for the link to my last workout on my facebook! 😀 )
        can do it on your own, or start a workout group… can even broadcast the workout live, so everyone can watch it AS you do it! 🙂 it also lists the music you listened to as you worked out, and tags any photos you took, too! 😀 this is my profile on sportstracker, so you see ALL my workouts on there 🙂
        I think I am down about 6-7kg from the start, but weigh-in is a sunday… so ill tell you more next monday 😀
        i’m looking at sparkpeople atm… an interesting and full-on site! 😀

      • queen_mello says:

        Oh la la! Will go check it out once I finish commenting 🙂
        But it sounds totally awesome! What are you going to do in Winter though? I’m such a good procrastinator that I’m worried I’ll just keep finding excuses not to do it. :S
        Ho shit dude! That’s fantastic! I’m only down like 2-3 kilos but then again I’ve only been doing 20 minutes a day for a week and a half so I’m pretty escastic about that.
        YAY! I’m starting to love Sparkpeople, especially when I get points for when I log my food and exercise cos I actually feel like I’m achieving something. 😀
        This is mine:

      • hehehe SAVE ME SANTA!! 😀
        well, i haven’t been working much, so been doing looooong bike rides… (about to go on a 10km walk before work to christen my new camera!)
        well, to help out in winter, I am paying a trainer, and we have agreed that heavy rain isn’t an excuse to stop training… and I have a recumbent trainer for my bike (lifts the back wheel so i can ride in the lounge room on a REAL bike!)
        i’ll aim to go for at least one jog a week tho, after work… my target is to get to 90-95 by June 12 (when we fly out)…
        so far I am at ~110kg… i WAS at 116kg tho, so making progress… 😀
        maybe when you come down here (soon i hope!) we can do a bike ride? I have some spare bikes… so could be fun! (only a short one… maybe 10-20 km on a bike track… break in between, so only half that at a time…)

      • queen_mello says:

        hahaha Santa failed 😦
        yeah I can tell! Geez, I was going through your music and totally approve hahahaha
        A 10km walk? Dude you’re insane but in a good way! hahaha I started a running program on the treadmill again so that I can’t have an excuse when the weather is even slightly horrible but I’m taking that heappps slowly.
        How is your trainer? I’ve always felt wierd in paying for someone to help me. Yeah I know I’m crazy.
        That’s pretty freaking awesome about your bike. I think I may have to start biking again too. I used to love it so much when I was younger. I still have it somewhere in the garage.
        So yeah, sure count me in for a bike ride whenever I make it down there next. No idea when it’ll be though, moneys is pretty tight right now as I’m going to Africa at the end of the year WOO!
        Where are you heading off to again? Oh and what’s your plan for exercise when you’re away?

  3. melb_angel82 says:

    ahh this post reminds me of me before i started my weight loss journey that actually bloody worked.
    I am still in the process of loosing weight but since Sept last year i have now lost 16kgs. Its taken a while but it is worth the wait.
    I started on Lite and Easy to control my meal portions, that was good, a struggle at times but really good, i learnt what size my meals should be at and stopped snacking as much after my meals.
    I wasnt 100% strict on it but it helped. I stayed on it for 10 weeks.
    At the same time, i joined a group circuit/boot camp class and do that 3 days a week, all different kinds of exercise which makes it interesting and its now become a social outlet for me.
    No class is the same so you never get bored, and people around you is what motivates you.
    I stopped obsessing my weight loss each week and every 4 weeks would do my own weigh in and it was a better result then loosing 700grams here and there.
    My advice, try not to focus too much on it and be very mindful what you put in your mouth.
    I am still continung to loose weight yet i dont feel like i am dieting. Everything i have has been halved now.
    If i want Maccas, i eat Maccas, but i limit myself to a small cheeseburger meal as opposed to a large big mac meal.
    I leave food on my plate which i had never done before, i slowed my actual chewing down so i could allow myself to feel fool.
    I also kept myself busy on weeknights so i dont snack over dinner, sometimes even going to bed earlier really helps.
    Anyways enough rambling, i hope this helps in some way. I am happy to talk about this more in depth with you. Just let me know 🙂

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