been a while, huh?

Posted: December 19, 2008 in Art, Family, Guitar, Music, Work
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hi guys
wel its been a little while…
Lots has happened, so I will try to summarise it all…
I am no longer temping in graphics… I have a part time job in graphics now. I am working at a CD DVD manufacturer in Footscray, and you know what that means??


Another Xmas CD! aren’t you all so lucky? LOL well recording finished a few weeks ago, and the final products will be printed at work this week. Tracks will be online in a few weeks, so I will post an update on here regarding where you can all download them…

I moved house.
Well, not totally accurate… Cath and I moved in together, finally! been here 5 months now (yes I need to update more often) So far, no one has been killed… 😀

We have pets!
After my old place not being big enough (or safe enough) for pets, we have adopted two abandoned bunnies from the animal hospital (both male, and fixed, so ONLY two bunnies).

Over summer, I will be hopefully rebuilding / restoring part of my car… will be taking pics as I go, for anyone interested.

I have lost a further 17Kg, down to 98Kg now, so aiming for 90Kg as a goal… maybe over summer when the WEATHER GETS NICER!!

Guitar #5 is still in limbo (Brian May – Red Special) as I am awaiting either the American economy to drop so I can afford parts, or the parts to become available in Australia for a reasonable price…

My New website is coming along nicely… It is well and truly due for an update… and finally my ISP upgraded me from a piss-poor 10Mb limit to a nice 1Gb Limit! FINALLY!!!
for anyone interested, the site is, and will be located at

so feel free to check out the before and eventually (in a few weeks, I hope!) the new and improved!

ummmm… any questions? Im always crap at trying to summarise everything…

  1. gifted says:

    Nice to hear from ya. Your site’s (and guitars are) looking really good. I had a white male lop-eared dwarf rabbit for years; I think rabbits are adorable. Good luck living with the Cath person. :] I’m definitely interested in car restoration photos.

  2. queen_mello says:

    Gaaah! How did I miss this?
    Okay so lets see…
    1. OMG CONGRATS DUDE! That’s so awesome. 😀 😀 😀 I really gotta come on msn more often.
    2. I wanna Christmas album!!! Pretty please?
    3. Has it really been five months already? Fucccck.
    4. Aww bunnies! Pics?
    5. What happened to your car?
    6. Awesome! Congrats! *wipes fake tears away*
    7. *goes to check out your website*

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