Posted: April 18, 2008 in Boring, Our World, Personal

hi guys
selling a heap of stuff I have ‘gathered’ over the years to help fund the possible pain of this car accident I had a few weeks ago (I didn’t post about it, was kinda weird and ugly, but will post when my LAWYER says I can!)

anyways, here is a link to my ebay store…

Got some Musical Instrument stuff, a canvass, some Legal Textbooks, and lots (well maybe a few!) items of electronics / home theatre etc.

please have a look, and maybe buy something?

I may have a leather jacket up soon, with studs etc… real PUNK! doesn’t fit me, was given to me by a friend… any takers?

and again, any takers for a canvas (apart from you Shaun, you already got one!) (well okay, one more if u want!) let me know, ok??!

  1. I’m watching that keyboard… I’ll probably end up getting it as long as I’m not outbidded at the last minute 😛

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