presenting… The Axeman!!! :)

Posted: January 20, 2008 in Guitar, Personal

ok so a lot of you would know I did some recording recently…
here is an original song I wrote, sang and played guitar on…
just to add to the gloating… the guitar was built by myself, as well as the amp used… so it truly is an original song 🙂 is the link for you to get
an original song recorded, sang and guitar playing by myself.

link will work for 7 days (until the 24 or 25 of jan) so get it while you can…

any questions feel free to ask me, and if u want a whole cd (mostly covers) lemme know

THIS is part of what I was making for xmas pressies, for those of you wanting to know before xmas time… 🙂

any comments would be much apprecialted, either good or bad, lemme know, I can take it… promise


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