scary couple of days!

Posted: April 19, 2007 in Personal, Shenanigans

I have had the most surreal and strange week in my life for a long time…


on monday morning, I woke up with a dry cough, but figured I was in a draught over night, thought nothing of it, went to work. by about lunch time, I was getting a headache as well, but soldiered on, and kept working. drove home, and felt worse and worse.

by midnight, I felt like I wanted to throw up, so called my other job (24hours) and cancelled some shifts for the next few days.

See, I almost never get sick (honest, I dont!) and if/when I do, I know it is something baaaad!

Anyway, woke up on Tuesday, feeling soooo seedy! I knew this was bad, so called my mum, as I had no sense balance, to drive me to the doctor.

So far, symptoms were dizzy/no balance, throbbing headache, dry raspy cough, high temperature (38.9) low blood pressure, shivering with cold sweats, neck pain (cant touch my chin to chest) and photosensitivity.

Mum knows I dont get sick, so took me straight to the hospital. They took me straight in, and within 5 minutes, had me in a dark room and on a drip!

They said to me that you most likely have Viral Meningitis.

Damn! so for all of tuesday, I was in a bed down at the hospital, unable to contact anyone (no phones policy), being tested for everything. tested bloods, CT Scan, chest Xray, Blood Sugar etc, all was fine.

They kept telling me they needed to do a lumbar puncture (large needle to the base of the spine, suck out some liquid etc) and keep me overnight.

I refused the Lumbar Puncture, as they only said I MIGHT have meningitis, so with the risks of having it (no feeling in legs for a few days, infection of the spine etc) wasnt worth it in my eyes.

They let me go home, after I refused to stay, on the condition I returned Wednesday morning for a checkup, to make sure I was on the mend.

After my checkup, they confirmed it was NOT meningitis, and a mere ‘nasty virus’ and they congratulated me on NOT having the Lumbar Puncture. I explained why I didn’t (on a MAYBE I wasnt gonna risk it!) and they were happy with that.

so YEAH! all good, just sick as a fucker atm, like a flu, but not. medical verict is “Some Kind Of Virus”

I need a beer!


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