Posted: March 30, 2007 in Art, Work

the last few weeks have been NUTS!!!!

Working for a construction company on a multi-million dollar assignment, if it was 1 minute late, no money…. no pressure tho!!
finished that up on the Wednesday, on Thursday I started at the Formula 1 GrandPrix again (4th year) and had a total ball there, working with some of the regulars, and generally having fun, but still working. Security is such a tough job 🙂

Temping every day since that doing the Graphics stuff all over.

Last night I worked at the Jarvis Cocker gig (singer from Pulp… they did Common People aaaaages ago, maybe 1996) awesome!!!
Tonight was Groove Armada…. again… awesome!!!
totally shook the place!
both nights I was working with another guard (only 2 of us!) at the front of the stage for crowd surfers and stage jumpers. totally awesome, standing on a crate, watching the show from the sides… closer than anyone, and getting paid! my DREAM JOB!!!

ummmmm apart from work, been doing some canvasses for people (not REALLY work, more fun, but I hopefully get paid for it!!)
aaaannnnnddddd….. I can’t think of anything else!
msg me if u can think of anything I should write in here…. I dunno!


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