RIP James Brown

Posted: December 26, 2006 in Music

James Brown has died! is it just me, or did that come out of nowhere?
They don’t say how he died, but this man was touring up to at least 6 months ago…
He will be missed, but forever remembered as Reverend Cleophus James, the loud boisterous Preist character in the Triple Rock Church, Preaching to Jake and Elwood about Heaven and Hell.

RIP James “Godfather of Soul” Brown.

  1. Hi there, noticed that you had added me and that you are from the same highschool as me as well. Just wondering, did you know my brother – Benjamin Dodd? Around the same age as you, don’t know if you graduated together.

    • omg yeah!
      year 7AD and 8AD were with bennie boy!
      how is the dude?
      havent seen him since probably graduation??
      tell him to add me on here or myspace if he has them, or to msn me or whatever

      • Hahahaha, AD? Who was that/
        He is actually in Japan at the moment. Has been for the last few years doing business etc. He is coming down shortly on business trip so that’s exciting.
        I’ll let him know for sure, but I don’t think he has myspace. I know he had a livejournal a while back under shingomama19 (might not be with the 19, you’ll have to check) so look that up and see what comes up on that.

      • it was Alan Dunbar, but he died a few years ago
        ben was at least in my year 8 class, but i obviously talked with him a heap after that etc
        always knew he would end up in japan again 🙂
        will look for him on here tho, and i think i added u on myspace 🙂

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