Posted: November 14, 2006 in Art

Woo Hoooo!!!!!!!!!!
Beatles canvasses are FINALLY all done!!!
I have also done some canvasses for people who have asked for them, images are all below under a cut….

I have stapled the beatles ones together, and all are hanging on my wall as one canvas now, in the order shown here (how they are originally viewed in the “Beatles – 1” Album cover… go have a look, these aren’t actually my concepts, thought I should point that out…)

John Lennon - Gouche On Canvas Paul McCartney - Gouche On Canvas.
George Harrison - Gouche & Conte On Canvas Ringo Starr - Charcoal & Conte On Canvas.
Alice Cooper - Ink On Canvas For My Friend Shaun Che Guevara - Ink On Canvas For My Friend Fabian

Still working on the speakers for my amp (seperate part from the amp itself, but still an important part, of course!) The amp itself is finished, but once the speakers are together, pictures will DEFINATELY follow, if anyone cares…
with the guitars I built, of course… A really nice artsy shot, they deserve it 🙂

  1. queen_mello says:

    oohh i clicked therefore i rule
    hows my blues brothers going eh? *shakes fist*

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