Crazy crazy crazy!

Posted: November 7, 2006 in Catherine, Guitar, Work

Almost finished my amp. in case you hadn’t heard by now, I decided that since finishing the guitars I built a few years ago, I would build a vintage amp replica. a lot harder than I first thought, but it is down to fine tuning. I have played it a little, and it fucking awesome!!!!!!

will be posting pics of it soon, with a few of it being built (not really much to show, as compared with guitars…)

In other news, I have been working at up to 5 jobs lately, and now down a few, as of this week. I was working at Sensis doing Yellow Pages online ads, which was boring, but interesting at the same time.

I suck at words.

I am also working at Wilson Security in the City, which is awesome.

Also working back at GMC doing their packaging.

My own business, doing websites and canvasses (anyone interested in a canvas??)

Emergency on-call bar manager

so yeah, busy busy busy…

Cathryn is great, still stressing with exams, but not long to go now… she can’t wait until holidays

any questions?

  1. cazzicles says:

    Holy crap that’s a lot of work!
    any questions?
    Yeah, I’ve got one.. when are you going to start reading our journals, eh? *pokes*

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