Amp ordered!!

Posted: September 23, 2006 in Guitar, Shenanigans, Work

Wow what a day!!!

FINALLY ordered the amp that I have wanted for 2 years now…
yaay!!! gonna do photos and upload a section on the website, so stay tuned!

I went to work (had a few jobs in the last month, working at Sensis doing Yellow Pages Online ads… kinda boring, but hey, pays the rent!
also doing an emergency Security job at Melbourne Central (Sensis is nights, and Security is day shift) so sleep can go and fuck off for a few weeks! 🙂

On the way home tonight, there was a 35 person punch on at Flinders St train station, involving a baseball bat. Cops turned up, and couldnt find the bat or the guy, so I pointed him out to them, as well as the whole group. so they were searched, and no bat.
The group saw me talking to the cops, and one of them walked the length of two carriages and sat in front of me, eyeing me off the whole way home.
When I got off, they all got off, and followed me away from the safety of the platfor, yelling “punch on!”, so I went to a Pokie-Pub and luck was on my side, the cops were driving past as I spoke with security about it all, so I flagged them down, and asked for a lift, explaining it all to them. They asked where they were, but the group had gone. I explained that the bat had not been found at Flinders Street, showed my Security License, and they agreed to drive me home.

I had to ride in the back (again), but they have improved them. The older ones were metal, stunk of stale vomit and no seatbelts. The new ones are plastic / fibreglass ones, seatbelts, lights, cameras, everything! Much cosier. Dropped me off at the corner, said that neighbours would probably freak out if they saw me getting dropped off. I agreed, and they waited for me to get to the gate before driving away.

Reinstalled my faith in police! Usually I dont think highly of them, but that was beyond the call of duty, so hats off to the boys and girls in blue!!

soooooo…… any questions?

  1. cazzicles says:

    Baha! You is a thug, you back of a cop car riding dude. That’s scary stuff though. I can’t help but wonder what could have happened if it was a child, female, elderly person or just someone smaller that had dobbed them in. Maybe they would have been too easy and so not worth it? Eh. People suck.
    And you know something else? I’ve tried to like Wolfmother on your request, but I’m just not feeling it. Too Jet-esque for me!

  2. *muchly huggles* least it wsnt a boring night hey :S *lix*

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