Posted: July 23, 2006 in Catherine, Guitar, Music, Work

Hi everyone
I know its been a long time between updates, but everything is going a million miles a minute atm.
Last saturday Cathryn gave me my birthday present, of a ticket to go with her to see Wolfmother at Festival Hall. I cannot believe that this hall is the same venue that the Beatles played in 1964! 5,000 person capacity, plus standing room = not Beatles-esque!!!
Anyways, Wolfmother totally kicked ass… played their entire album, and a tribute to Pink Floyd thrown in for good measure. Some poor bugger got injured in the moshpit (where we were!!!) and rather than keep playing, the band stopped, called St. John Ambulance to them, and left the stage after the other people wouldn’t calm down, and wanted more music. They only came back out when the person was safely removed on a spinal board, so Kudos to Wolfmother for crowd safety!!!
I have had a pile of interviews (about 4, but thats a lot for me…) in all kinds of places, and a few hopefuls are in the pipeworks.
I am still saving for my next project, which is to build a vintage Marshall amp. Once that is done, I am hoping to get into a band, or form one, and get some gigs… any volunteers for world domination?

My house continues to have its dramas, with the latest one to be… RATS…
all gone now, but a few sleepless nights… who would of thought I had a phobia of rats??

I have been painting some canvasses (and drawing a few too) which I will be puting up here when I can be assed getting a photobucket account (or maybe uploading to myspace and linking if they let me…)

Click Here if you want to add me on there…

anyways, a short post, hopefully I will post more soon, when I might have some good news, but don’t want to jinx it yet…

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. gifted says:

    That’s cool about Wolfmother.
    I have a mouse problem in my house sometimes. >< Ew.

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