Posted: April 3, 2006 in Catherine, Work

Hi all!
wow, what a week! what a month!!!

Just finished my usual 4 days at the Formula 1 Melbourne Grand Prix doing corporate security. Met a few celebs, but not as many as last year… Saw the Fosters Grid Girls ( 🙂 ), Human Nature, Various AFL players (no idea of names, so werent Hawthorn!) and of course various drivers. Schumacer (Third time now!), Montoya, Villeneuve, Alonzo (WINNER!!!) Barrichello, Massa, etc. Loved the fact that no Ferarri’s finished… sick of thier political games of who wins, and arguing if another team wants to get an advantage by using an unsponsored brand of tyres etc.

I recieved an award this year for “Excellence in Service” for my work at securing the area, and protecting the public. I threw 32 police out of the grandstand, and ejected a few of them for not showing me their ID’s and refusing to stand, as they aren’t allowed to sit in the seats whilst working.

Did the track invasion each night again, giving me rights to walk down the racetrack and eject all patrons without correct credentials from the track, and question all officials. This is where I met most drivers, as they tend to jog, cycle, rollerskate etc around the track to ‘get a feel’ for it.

On the Sunday, I was virtually in control of 100 security guards and 200 police officers, as we did the big track invasion at the end of the race. Got to hold back 10,000 patrons from entering the track as an F1 car had caught fire not far from the stand, but once it was in I yelled the words “GO! GO! GO!” on the radio, and released them all onto the track, which was a bit of a power buzz! 🙂

Apart from the F1’s I am looking for regular graphics work, as my job is all quiet at the moment, and that means no income for me. Willing to go back into security if I have to, but would prefer Graphics as it is safer, and pays a bit better.

Cathryn is good, working hard, studying harder! I am in love with that girl! 🙂

Cathryn’s Dad is in the army this month, training hard! its amazing the lengths people go to so that they can be in the army band! 🙂

any questions so far?

I have bought a new motherboard for my PC, with new RAM too, so now my DVD burner works! been 6 months ironing out that issue, even the IT guy couldnt figure it out! So now I have updated my whole computer in installments… kind of like a lay-by option with the ability to use as I was abusing! 🙂

Comment if u need more info, can’t think straight! 4 days of hardcore security work will do that…

  1. queen_mello says:

    sounds like your having an awesome time with the security thingy.
    hahaha that wouldve been so funny to have kicked out coppers.

    • piffing cops is a great past-time, but i would prefer not doin it. if they would get the dead bug out of their ass and listen without a god complex, then i would be happy

  2. europium152 says:

    lolz… you sure as hell had fun 😛 it’s always nice to see someone boss the police about… 😉

  3. queen_mello says:

    guess what guess what guess what!
    We’ve booked our trip! Hurruh!!! *bounces around* We’re coming down on the 20th and go back on the 26th and are staying at the Crown Promonade hotel or something? It looks real perty. YAY!!!

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