Workin’ Hard!

Posted: December 4, 2005 in Catherine, Guitar, Personal, Work

Hi all!
been a while I know…
I suck at these, you know that!!!
okay, I am totally wrecked atm, so here it goes…
Work is going good, doing less hours than I was doing to begin with, but I am certainly not complaining about that, let me tell YOU!
I haven’t been building guitars now for almost a year, and already I want to build another one! like a drug addict looking for a fix, i have an itch to build again! My friend Pauly has started restoring one, so go dude on that one!!!


I dropped Cathryn off at the airport this morning. She was heading for Sydney, on her way to Shanghai. It is strange! I saw her this morning, and already, not 12 hours later, she is in a different hemisphere, and country to me… Missing her already… Stupid me jsut tried to call her and tell her that, but she hasnt got her phone on yet, as she forgot her charger. D’oh!

I am so happy for Cathryn! She is meeting every goal she sets out to achieve, one way or another. First her Uni course, and now to travel to China.

I have made it as far as Perth, but never out of the country!

I am so slack! 🙂

Can’t think of anything much else to say, so you know the usual drill… any questions, make a comment, and i will reply ASAP

oh, and if I don’t update, Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Easter (Just in case it is a bit longer than normal) 🙂

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. cdoasis says:

    That’s awesome man, build another axe!
    I literally just started mine today. December 7th, 05.. mark it down in history!
    I got all the parts a few weeks ago but just today I started glueing up the wood for the neck.. hope it doesn’t try to warp on me.

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