where to begin?

Posted: October 20, 2005 in Catherine, Family, Music, Work

work has been flat chat, and has had its ups and downs.
starting to enjoy it more, so I think I will be sticking around for a little while longer.
still not entirely used to it (working), but what can you do?

Last weekend I held a surprise birthday party for my Mum, who turned 60 on the 13th. Was a tough job inviting all of her friends (or at least the onesI could find!) without clicking on to her that I was up to something. Managed to get it all done, organised, and get Mum down there, only to find out later she found out from someone about 2 weeks prior that I was doing something (although not what I was doing, or who was involved, so still a half surprise). I thought it was time I gave Mum something back, as I seem to be only taking form her lately.

Cath and I are going well, both in desperate need of a holiday though, as we are BOTH working too hard (how often have I said that?!) Cathryn is almost up to her exams, so fingers crossed for her. I can’t believe its been almost a full uni-year since she started!
Once her exams are done, and she catches her breath, Cathryn is heading to China for a holiday for two weeks. I was going to go, but at the time, couldn’t save enough. now I can’t get time off! :S

I have been trying to learn the harmonica lately, but damn it is hard! haven’t got past a few light songs like Danny Boy and the likes… oh well…

I got fined today on the train. I had a ticket, I was entitled to a concession ticket, but I had forgotten to vallidate it. I had bought it the same morning, and that was printed on the ticket, but i got a $150 (possible) fine for it, which I am not happy about! honestly, I did the right thing, I get penalised for it. Damnit I hate ticket inspectors that can’t think. apparently if this was not my first offence, I would be paying closer to $300! what a joke! I should drive my car into the City, park on a footpath, and get a $60 fine (standard parking fines).

anyways, I can’t think of anything else atm, but feel free to ask me stuff. you know the drill.
I like reading comments, so don’t be shy with ’em got it?!

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. phiisua says:

    i got a ticket for not having my concession card one day.
    and then i got a ticket for losing my ticket on the day of the VCE GAT. and iw as so stressed and the guy held me up for aaaages and i was late to the GAT.
    and i hate connex and met and all those awful.
    i’m contesting them both.
    you should too.
    send them a short letter explaining it (politely) and you never know!

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