Workin’ Hard (still!)

Posted: September 1, 2005 in Work

wow where to start?
I have been working for the past 8 weeks, so thats why I havent been online much…
fulltime hours, plus some extra ones to get me going… 😉

I do check up here tho, so if you wanna know anything, or say anything you think i mite wanna know, please comment on here
will try to answer all comments in the form of a question
only JUST starting to feel tired now…

  1. elliebelly says:

    Hey Patty Whack.
    Yay for the working thing. Is this a permanent job now? This is goodness in any case. Yay.
    And my comment is… Why is the Ying (Yang?) part of your icon blood stained?
    That’s not a comment though, but a question.
    My comment would be… WE should catch up soon. I only ever see you like once a year or something, which kinda sucks. And yeah I know you’re very busy, and I’m v busy too, but it should be a plan, mmkay?

    • yeah a permanent job indeed
      9am till 12:30am tonight!!! 😦
      Ying Yang is bloodstained…. i dunno… i got that image back in highschool, and loved it so much, it has stayed
      and yes! when we both have a spare minute to breathe, we should catch up!!

  2. queen_mello says:

    *pokes* its alive! ahhh!! LOL
    yay for work! Hope your having fun with whatever you’ve been up to. 😀 ciao!

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