Wow what a catch-up!

Posted: July 2, 2005 in Family, Personal

I found out yesterday that my Godfather has passed on.
He has been unwell for ages now, going in and out of hospital for months (even a year) at a time, and recently (about 3 years ago) had both of his legs amputated due to complications with his diabetes, and a golden staph. infection.
He battled on though, stubborn as ever, and more mobile with an electric wheelchair that was hotted up to clock about 20Km/h on an idling speed.

Even when his kidneys gave in, as a result of the infection/diabetes he was still to stubborn to go into a home, but rather moved to a new apartment with wheelchair access.

Dialysis gave him an excuse to buy a MiniDisc Player to listen to while he was hooked up to the machines threee days a week. He would rather travel from Reservoir to St Vincents Hospital 3 days a week, than move closer, because he liked the area out there.

Apparently he died when he fell over one morning, hurt himself, and couldn’t get up. as he lived on his own, he was there on his own, and stuck on the floor for a few days before the district nurse came out to see him, and found him. it turns out his Dialysis shunt (the tube that stays in 24/7) got infected while he lay there.

What breaks me up the most is that although he had so many freinds, and family, and even me (pseudo family) he died alone, on the floor. The thought of that tears me apart. I hope he wasn’t in any pain.

In the words of the Godfather “I swear to god, I am agnostic”
R.I.P. you stubborn old bugger, we will miss you.

  1. gifted says:

    So sorry to hear that. =/ I hope you and his family & friends will be ok.

  2. cdoasis says:

    Wow, I’m sorry to hear that.
    What’s really scary is that I was literally just sitting here thinking about the word “agnostic” because I’ve been meaning to ask this girl at work what religion she is… and that was her reply.

  3. minxx_21 says:

    Oh man, that seriously nearly made me cry (I am such a baby).
    He sounds like he was an amazing person.

  4. cazzicles says:

    Oh Patty Whack, I’m so sorry to hear that. What a terribly sad way to pass away. Just remember that he’s out of what pain and misery his condition put him through. My thoughts are with you *huggles*

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