Posted: July 2, 2005 in Car, Work

I also have other news, which I couldnt bear to post in the last entry.

This week I have been getting calls from all over about jobs, which is unusual, as I rarely get an email, let alone a call.

On Wednesday I started work at Latrobe University in Bundoora working in their digital copy centre, as well as their manual printing department. I was loving it, going hard at it, earning money for a change.

Got a call on Wednesday from a studio in South Melbourne, and could I come in for an interview. sure, no problems, see you Thursday arvo!

Thursday I went to work, told them I needed the afternoon off for an interview. they were totally cool with that, so thanks boss!

Went to the interview, went all good. same Questions I would normally get (software, experience etc) then it went on to favourite music etc. all was good, said goodbyes, and left it at that. Normally thats the last I hear of them (hard to get into the industry, not that I suck at it or anything, at least I hope I don’t)

On the way home from the interview on Thursday, I got a phonecall. The Studio in South Melbourne wanted me in for a one week trial!!! Said I would check with my current boss, as I owed it to them.

Friday, talked to LAtrobe about it, they said go for it. I made sure that they knew I didnt want to quit, and would happily do both if I could. Also, if the week trial didn’t turn out, could I come back, and they said, if the position is still vacant, it is mine.

So starting Monday, I am working in a studio in South Melbourne (Melbourne’s Design Capital) doing what I have wanted to do for a damn long time!

Everyone cross your fingers for me? hopefully I can hold onto this, as I really need it, and would help my career soooo much!

All I need to do now is give Latrobe 2 weeks notice (one week for the trial, one more week back at Latrobe, and I am out. I will have to talk to South Melbourne about that, hopefully it will all work out for me…


I have been having car troubles, financial troubles, etc for a long time now, from broken bits on my car, to security license renewal, re-neducation in security for new laws etc, rego for car, on top of trying to move out on my own sometime in the near future.

meh, i hate money!

talk soon, comment if you like, would be appreciated!
a double post should get at least a hello from someone… 😉

  1. cdoasis says:

    Yeah man, that would be awesome if you got that. I remember I got a call and was offered more than what I was currently making, at another job in the other direction. So I decided to do both. But driving so far really got to me… and just wasn’t worth it after my first job offered me full-time status.
    Yes, fast food. Yippee.
    Just make sure you keep in touch with both places and let them know about everything so they don’t cross-schedule you or something. Other than that… good luck! 😉

  2. elliebelly says:

    Oh wow, good luck with that. Looks like your break might be on its way!

  3. cazzicles says:

    Hello. Oh yeah, and good luck! *fingers crossed for you*

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