4 years!

Posted: May 17, 2005 in Catherine, Personal, Work


never thought I would say these words, and actually be telling the truth…

Cath and I have been together for 4 years now (as of monday 16th) which is just… WOW!

Unfortunately cath had to work, so we went out to dinner with my old friends Jess nad Nathan. Their anniversary is Thurday 19th, for 4 years too, but they don’t keep track of it all, so I had to remind them… long story there…

Anyways, went for dinner at Williamstown , which is about 5 minutes from my place, and had a fabulous meal, overlooking the bay, and all fo that… really nice.

We got to do the whole dressing up all formal thing, which was a good change… never get the chance to get all dressed up for anything lately. Pinstripe suit and bodyshirt, no tie. Neat Casual rocks!

And the suit fits! The last time I wore that suit was probably my year 12 Graduation, and it was definately a strain to get into it then… baggy now! I’m still getting used to it all… appologies to anyone who is sick of it all…

Oooooooooooo! I got a job!

Only a few hours a week, but still experience… in a printing firm, as a graphic artist, and its all cash-in-hand, which is great for Centrelink, because I dont tell them, and its less hassle. Considering that its only 2 hours a week, and not much, it just isn’t worth the extra bother to declare it, and be docked for it etc.

so yeah… can’t think of much else to share… any questions so far?

*Waves to secretsunfound* Dude!

I think thats all, I can’t think of anything
hope to get new photos of Tonka uploaded sometime soon… obviously I will let you know when it happens, as I am a slack bastard…

and if ANYONE has a photo that they want changed, modified, or someone removed from, please email me! I am looking for photos I can practice photoshop with, and I will do it all professionally and all, only catch is, I have to display it on my website, so no adult shots please! (I have had a couple of them wanting enlarged parts etc) I can do it, but don’t want to put it on my website, you understand…

email is on the website, so go there for it. I wint post it here, as I get enough spam from the bots already. http://www.axemangraphics.tk

thanks, and any questions? please comment blah blah blah, you know the drill

  1. melb_angel82 says:

    Congrats on the 4 years!!
    Yeah i got one, do my darn Gif animations for me!!!! lol

  2. cazzicles says:

    Awwww, congratumalations Patty Whack (poor girl *ducks*)! Also, you already told me about that gig you got a couple of weeks back, but congrats on that too! I think everyone should dress up at least once a month, and I’ll bet you guys scrubbed up all nice and spiffy. I guess it wouldn’t be as special if everyone did it all the time, but it’s still fun. I’m lucky if I brush my hair when I go out!
    Question: Hermit crab to the power of fossil equates to how many, exactly, lime coloured buckets?

    • yeah i was thinking the same thing *ducks*
      cath always scrubs up really good, me… nah!
      it equates to 65,000,000,000 to the power of 7, multiplied by how many hermit crabs were in the original sum, to the square root of breadrings in your pocket!

  3. Congrats *waves back*

  4. cdoasis says:

    4 years, that’s awesome! Me and my girlfriend had our 1 year anniversary not too long ago. It still seems like I just met her, but at the same time it seems like it’s been a long time!
    And suits ARE cool. The one and only time I wore a suit was for graduation, and I actually liked it, I felt like doing something James Bond would do. Haha.

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