Boring update

Posted: May 3, 2005 in Catherine, Family

okay, ummm…. I have a job interview in the morning, second round too, so fingers crossed on that! its in the design industry, and in the CBD, so I will be happy with that…

Not sure if I told you all, but I am officially off my damn diet. I have been off it for a few weeks, and I haven’t gained anything back yet, so bonus!!! šŸ˜‰

Tonka is being a little bastard, by scratching at my bedroom window every night, especially 5 minutes after I get into bed… so for now, he is locked in at night. easy solution, will have to look into that ASAP.

Cath is going well, she is hard at work in the uni course, knee deep in reading and assignments… she loves it (sarcasm)!

ummmm….. not too mcuh goes on over here to be honest… I updated my website again! I did some funky text tricks, and a few Flash animations… sorry, I have to whore it, don’t I? šŸ™‚

Been going for more walks, and bikerides than I used to, trying to stay fit now that I am here… but still want to lose another 5Kg (I’m never happy, am I?)

ahh well, if you want to know anything esle, please feel free to comment here.

see ya later!

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. gifted says:

    Get a clean, empty spray bottle, and fill it with water. Everytime Tonka scratches at the window, open it and squirt him once on the nose. You don’t have to let him see you doing it; in fact, it’ll be more effective if he wonders where it’s coming from. He should soon quit scratching.
    Good luck getting the job. =x

  2. elliebelly says:

    haha, dogs can be complete shitheads. Yet you still love em eh? Bloody tiggy has embarrassed me by being put on an orange lead at training cos he’s so naughty. Still love himthough
    Good luck with the job interview!

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