Grand Prix 2005

Posted: March 8, 2005 in Personal, Shenanigans, Work

Well I swore last year I would never work there again, but I am glad that I changed my mind. I love the atmosphere, and I ended up with a great job of walking around for 12 hours a day in the corporate areas, Grand Stands and Pit areas, meeting and greeting quite a few celebrities.

These include:

Ron Walker
Micheal Schumacher
Rubens Barrichello
Sir Jack Brabham
Mick Doohan
Bond (Violin Playing Girls)
Bo Derek
Jana Pittman
Nick Riewoldt (St Kilda)
Fervola (Carlton)
James Hird (Essondon Snob)
Damien Oliver
Dave Hughes
Steve Bracks
Jeff Kennet (Bleargh)
Anthony Callea (Midget / Hobbit)
ALL of the Fosters Grid Girls, and the Trading Post girls (same girls, different outfits, i think)
probably more, I just can’t remember them all

totally awesome fun though, and got into some pretty exclusive areas too. all in all, an awesome week!
now if only my feet agreed with me…

and to make it even sweeter, Schumacher didn’t win it!


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