Just a basic catch-up…..

Posted: February 7, 2005 in Family, Work

Where to start?

Had a job interview today, or more of a sit down and chat. informal interviews rule!!!
hopefully all of that works out, because i am getting sick of searching and getting the dole. contrary to what many may think, i hate it, and cant wait to get off it! Centrelink pay pathetic payouts, half of an average weekly pay, over a fortnight! pfffttt…
can’t wait to tell them to jam it up their collective assholes!


My grand prix job got shifted, so i am not on my corporate gate anymore, on a stupid gate in the main flow of wankers, so i will deal with them all i guess…

My diet is going good (yeah I know, still on it!) and i am now down to 104Kg (down from 117Kg) so I am feeling good about that!
I have been substituting only a few meals with the shakes, and eating small amounts of healthy food instead. Basically, I am weaning off the shakes, so I dont pack it back on again… clever, huh?


Little Tonka is going well… trashing the place to no end, and being cute as he does it, so I can’t stay mad at him.
I have a few new photos, so when I can find somewhere to host them, I will upload them for you all ( elliebelly ) and ( cazzicles ) to drool and cluck over…

if anyone knows of a decent place to host pictures for free, and that arent too fussy and pains in the asses, please comment, and let me know!

Cant think of anything else to tell you, so yeah! if you want to know somthing else, the usual “comment, and i will anser” rule applies!



~*Axeman Out*~

  1. gifted says:

    http://www.photobucket.com free host and offsite loads. *thumbs up*
    They have a file size limit, but you can fit pretty large .jpg, medium .png, small .bmp.

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