TONKA!!!!! :)

Posted: February 2, 2005 in Family, Personal

Hi guys!

I would like you all to meet the newest member of our family, little Tonka!

What a little cutie! doesn’t do much apart from sleep at the moment, but when its bed time, he thinks it translates to ‘trash-the-room time” and trashes accordingly…

He is going to be a huge one though, a pure-bred male Rottweiller, he will weigh in around 50Kg when fully grown! At the moment though, he is only 11 weeks old, so he will have to wait a little while…


  1. gifted says:

    He’s adorable. *-* I love the name you picked.

  2. elliebelly says:

    Altogether now: Awwwwwww!

  3. cazzicles says:

    Awwwww! We demand updates on Tonka’s progress! You got me during my puppy phase, too.

    • hehehe definately!
      he is too damn cute NOT to update!!!
      he be sleepin now, so I will do it another time
      he actually fell asleep in my arms last night and tonight watching MASH and the late movie last night.
      Too. Damn. Cute!

      • cazzicles says:

        he is too damn cute NOT to update!!!
        Too right! How much does he sleep, anyway? Puppies seem to go from the extremes – more hyperactive than a six year old on red cordial to unconscious within a minute of headbutting the door. I wish I was allowed to do that.
        Well, at least you know he’s not a MASH fan, then? Hehe Mike Sheahan would just about kill him.

      • sleeps at least half the day, heavy sleeper too, so i got some new photos of him today… but can go a bit nuts when you get him started

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