Guitar Photos

Posted: January 5, 2005 in Guitar, Personal

Thought i would post a post of photos of my newly completed guitars…
they are linked to the pages that show how they were built etc.
These photos and descriptions are taken directly from my website
see post below for the addy, or Click Here!

hope you all enjoy!

Well this is my completed 1962 Stratocaster copy… looking good huh? Click on the image to see the construction process. It is obviously my favourite so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

This is my completed 1960’s Telecaster copy. Not suprisingly, this guitar took less time and effort than the Stratocaster, as the body is not shaped, or curved.

Lastly, but certainly not least, here is my completed Les Paul copy! This guitar took a little longer than the Fenders, but that is all explained behind the link. Definately a close second to my Stratocaster copy!

  1. cdoasis says:

    Hey, I saw you added me as a friend, and I saw “building guitars” is one of your interests too! So I checked out the links and read all about the three guitars you built. It’s really quite amazing to see that someone else in the world actually does this kind of stuff for themself, haha!
    I liked all three guitars myself, but personally, the LP is my fav. I guess I’m just a Gibson fan and love the shape and heftiness of the LP. I don’t even like Strats that much, almost not at all actually, but I honestly think you’re Strat is badass. The use of varnish instead of paint really gives it a classic look, and does away with the “cheap guitar” look that solid-colored paint does. And there’s so much chrome, wow, it’s just awesome. I like Teles too, and that one is no exception!
    Plus that’s awesome you’re a lefty.. I play guitar right-handed, but I write with my left hand. We’re in our right mind!
    I’ve never actually completely built a guitar, but I hope to do so soon once I get the money. Well, enough of this rambling, if you want ever want to talk about guitars or whatever feel free to IM me!

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