Posted: January 4, 2005 in Guitar, Personal

I have finally finished my 3 guitars that I wanted to build in 2004, and got it all done by December 30th! Never set a goal as big as that one, and actually succeeded with completing it on time!


New Years resolution is to lose weight. I have been on a VLCD diet now since Jan 1st, meaning I only have milkshakes for a meal, nothing else. a days worth is 800 Calories, and your body burns about 3,500 a day at rest, so if I go out walking or riding my bike, I will, in theory, burn it off even faster!

For the record, I am starting this diet, weighing in at 117Kg or approx 225Lbs (yes I know, not many people CAN believe it!)

So far it is hard work, especially resisting other food when it is on TV damn you television!!!!

I will get through it, apart from the cost of the diet, I have support from a heap of people who are close to me. Fingers crossed for me!

Talk to you all soon!

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. cazzicles says:

    Good luck Patty Whack! Try not to go cold turkey completely though, the more you deprive your body of the good stuff, the more preoccupied you become with not having it, and the cravings will become insane. Still, I wish you well. I don’t think you’re the only person with that same resolution this year!

  2. mrpaulywauly says:

    good stuff on the guitars mate, and good luck with the dieting!
    Happy New Years!

  3. elliebelly says:

    Dude! That doesn’t sound very healthy! Why would you want to lose weight and not be healthy?
    Be careful, and don’t deprive yourself of nutrition and uh, solids. . It’s not fun and it certainly ain’t cool. Mmmkay?
    But Happy New Year!

  4. nah its all good, the milkshakes were approved by my doctor, and are apparently better for you than normal meals, as you get exactly what your body needs, with nothing bad in it all

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