Not much happening…

Posted: December 9, 2004 in Catherine, Personal, Shenanigans, Work

I don’t really know why I am posting atm, but I HAVE THE URGE TO< SO wwhy get in it’s way?!
I have applied for my old position at the copy centre, as well as the 2005 Grand Prix (as much as it pissed me off, I enjoyed the atmosphere) as well as a heap of other jobs, all over the place. No luck yet, but fingers crossed at least one of them gets back to me, eh?

I have been working hardcore on my website, getting it prepped, as I am handing out the URL for it to potential jobs as a form of folio showing thing. Starting to really become what I have pictured in my head, which I think is a good thing…

I started a new section on it too for Photo Manipulations, so if anyone has any decent photos they want modified, airbrushed, altered etc, email them to me from the website, and I will do them, return them, and post them on my site.

Try and stump me, I dare you! 🙂

I say it in every post, but if you want a gander…

BTW I didn’t mention it in the last post, but I have finally got Cathryn’s X-Mas pressie, and managed to not quite blow the set budget of $50 too!
Got her a lovely silver coated jewellery box, lined in maroon velvet, with elephants and other designs etched on the outsides. Inside it has sections that hinge out to the sides, and a section for bracelets etc. Hard to explain it, but it looks awesome…

Go EBAY!!!

ummm….. I think thats it, except hi to elliebelly and cazzicles who are prob both still online atm. Caz, I updated the photos on my site, I think I told you. Looking for more photos on here now to “get thousands more” on my site. I only have 10Mb server room, ,so I don’t like my chances… but we will see….

  1. elliebelly says:

    Oh, that sounds quite gorgeous. She’ll have to love it. (And good god, how do you manage to keep presents under $50? I always have to buy more and more and more, you must be a good bargain hunter or something.)

  2. cazzicles says:

    Hey Patty Whack! *waves*
    BTW.. I just read about your puppies.. I’m really sorry to hear it, dude. That’s so sad. Doggies kick arse, and I hope you can find a new happy friend (preferably from the pound – you know they put down thousands each year) really soon. And, of course, post pictures up here *smiles*

  3. ellie: i have a secret weapon called ebay, which… crap it isnt secret anymore! ahh well, it works, and i love it…
    caz: i know, i keep asking, but they only got little wog-dog rat things, nothing big. nan would trip on a small dog…
    and yeah, post pics on my website

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