The Future’s Uncertain, And The End Is Always Near…

Posted: December 5, 2004 in Guitar, Personal, Work

Yep, still alive guys!
I have been busy since about April building electric guitars for myself.
I have made a Fender Stratocaster, Fender Telecaster and almost finished the Gibson Les Paul. All of the guitars are the same colour, and all from the same block of tiber, so the only difference will be the electrical components, meaning I will get true sound difference from all of them. So far, the first two sound very different!

All of them are varnished tiber, with all chrome accessories and plates. see them at my website if you like… just click on the guitar bit on the left side menu.

Cathryn is good, working hard, keeping out of trouble… you know, good ol’ Cathryn! 🙂

As weird as this sounds, Cathryn has made me see the light that I lost years ago (about when I started this journal)

Until last year I wasn’t really into guitars as much as i used to be, but once she convinced me to teach her a few songs, i got right back into it, and now, once the guitars are done, i am building a 1962 replica amp to match the guitars, and starting/joining a band.

I have the rock-star dream back in sights, and this time, I am serious about it!

I want to learn piano now.
And harmonica!

I still can’t read music, but none of the truly great ones could (that’s what I’m saying anyway)

Apart from the guitars and music, I have been working in a digital copy centre at my old Uni. it involved making stuff from t-shirts, coffee mugs, mouse pads, plates, candles, calendars, and just normal photo print stuff. definitely a learning curve, and got me a heap of practice in Photoshop, which I had gotten a bit rusty at since last year.

I graduated.

I didn’t go to the ceremony, but finally got the bit of paper on my wall!

My other dog had to be put to sleep. got arthritis bad after a fall off the back verandah, and couldn’t move, resulting in pneumonia. I am puppy-less now, but looking for a new puppy that will get really big, really fast! 🙂

I can’t think of anything else to tell you now, msg me if I forgot anything!


~*Axeman Out*~

  1. mrpaulywauly says:

    Good to hear about you getting back into music. Same thing happened to me I was dropping out being interested and all that but last few weeks have been going like crazy.
    You already have a band lined up? I rememeber your old band, well seeing pictures of it on your website.
    Heh, I am shit but maybe if I come down to melb next year we should jam? I suck though so you will be frustrated with me. Heh and another good thing about all the great guitar players apart from they not being able to read music is that they don’t sing well either and I definetly fit that bill – just not the great playing thing.

  2. im not too good atm either
    yeah when i get a good amp, or even AN amp, we should jam!
    havent got a band lined up, but thats a minor part of the grand scheme…

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