Posted: May 6, 2003 in Catherine, Holidays, Personal, Shenanigans

Hi everyone!

well, it certainly has been a while, ay?
So much to tell you!!!!

Well, Cathryn and I have got back from our holiday in Queensland, and boy, let me tell you it was one hell of a cool trip!
We flew up to Colangatta airport, which was about 30 mins from our hotel by bus, and basically went to the room, off-loaded our crap, and crossed the road for some shopping, and booze. We had Fish N Chips that night, and ended up walking about 15 minutes up the beach to Cavill Ave (the main street, kinda like Acland St, in St Kilda)

They had a free movie on the beach (Scooby Doo, followed by Men In Black) with fireworks in the interval, which was damn good for the cost of nothing… some regular Easter thing for them, I think. we checked out the shops, and walked back to the hotel, and basically slept for ages.

Day 1: – woke up, went to Movie World, and had heaps of fun. We went on the Batman Adventure, the Marvin Martian 3D Adventure, Looney Tunes island and rollercoaster, Scooby Doo ride and saw heaps of stuff from the Police Academy Stuntshow to a soundstage tour, which was kind of weird, but interesting.
Bussed it back to the hotel, got in the spa for a bit, and crashed again.

Day 2: – Woke up, had breakfast, and went to Wet N Wild Waterpark, which was mega fun!!!! went on everything at least once, including the Speed Coaster, and the Aqua Racer, as well as the mega ones, which have 6 people in a rubber tube, and all goes down a mega slide at once. My favourite though, would have to be the Twister… very cramped, but feels so damn weird, like you are falling straight down! Also got bitten by a hornet, but damned if I know how…
Returned to hotel and passed out.

Day 3: – Seaworld!!!!!! got to sleep in an extra 15 minutes on this day, because Seaworld is closer, or something. Saw heaps of stuff, mostly animals like PolarBears, Sharks, Rays, Penguins, and of course, lots of Dolphins. Took this one slowly, as it is much bigger than the other parks, and so much more to do, we decided we would return again on Day 4, and do anything we hadn’t done in Day 3. Went on the Bermuda Triangle, which is spooky, and kinda lame, but still damn cool. I had a look at the Corkscrew, but I didnt feel up to it, i have been on it before, but I didnt want to relive it… too scary!!!
Went back to hotel on the bus, and went out for Dinner at the surf club around the corner. really great food, and a perfect view of the beach, and not even expensive!!! Went back to hotel again, swam a bit in the pool, and zonked out again.

Day 4: – Seaworld, again!!!! Went on the Monorail, sang the Monorail song from Simpsons a heap. I have never been on a monorail before, so it was cool in a way. Went on the chairlift, and it stopped over the Dolphin Nursery, where there was a 4 week old baby with its mum… tried to get some pics, but no good! 😦

(Got a heap of digital pics though, on my NEW DIGITAL CAMERA!!!!!!! if I can be stuffed, I will post them somewhere, when I find somewhere to upload my new site, which I am working on)

Day 5: – Our one day with nothing planned, we went shopping, and bought some bargains (got some new boardies and a totally sexist t-shirt which Cathryn dared me to wear on the plane, showing a air hostess sucking off a passenger, and the caption being “In-Flight Service” it totally rocks)
That night we flew back to Melbourne, and went home to bed, to sleep off a totally awesome week!

Sorry if this post got a bit long, there was simply too much to tell you all in one go…


Untill next time, stay ugly, and say hi to your mum!

~*Axeman Out*~



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