Posted: March 14, 2003 in Boring, Catherine, Meme, Work

Hi Everyone

Can’t think of anything much to tell you all, except I am back at uni, I am booked in for level 3 security in June, and Cathryn had her birthday last weekend in Castlemaine.

Had heaps of fun with a bonfire, and tacky music… only a small do this year, family and me (and Cathryn of course 😛 )

no one ever emails me anymore, or even comments on here, or at the very least, chats on MSN, ICQ, Yahoo or even the dreaded AOL… if you have ANY of these, please contact me for my usernames, and i might even reply!

IM BORED!!!!!!!!!

I am so damn bored, I’m even doing net quizzes…

That is all

See ya Later!!!!

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. isys says:

    If you’re on MSN and Im on (even if Im on away) msg me! Caz when I usually msg u your not there.
    *hugs* Luv ya babe

  2. elliebelly says:

    I still talk to you… right?… right?
    Ummm… anyway, if you want an email, email me, and then I’ll have something to reply to… makes sense right?
    My brain hurts… 🙂

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