Awesome Holiday, loss of a friend…

Posted: February 3, 2003 in Holidays, Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone

Wow, I don’t know where to start on this one… I think I will start with the happy stuff, if you don’t mind…

At work, I spotted this in the Security Logbook, and vowed to put it on here.

“31-10-01 – Accidentally swallowed 1 x small house fly – brown in colour; approx age 4 days – approx size 5 mm. Did not induce vomiting, No further incidents.”

Apparently it was this guys last day at work… wonder why?


Cathryn and I went away for the Australia Day long weekend to Inverloch (Eastern Victorian Coast, near Philip Island). we had a fantastic time, despite it getting to 44′ C on one day (Didn’t get sunburnt) then 24′ C the next day, and raining on and off (Got burnt!!!)

Our campsite was less than 10 metres to the waterfront on one of the most beautiful and tranquil beaches I have ever had the joy of going to, let alone camping on! We ended up walking out on the sand bars on the second day we were there, almost a kilometre out in all, and when we got there, just stood and held hands for a few minutes, before realising there was water at our toes. when we looked down, then across to the sand bars, we realised the tide was coming in fast, and we were stuffed if we didn’t move quick-smart!!!!

Ummmm…. I can’t think of much else to say. Ever had so much to say that you couldn’t think of what to say? that’s what I have now…

I’m not thinking straight today. I came home to discover my dog, and longtime friend of 10 years to be very unwell (has had severe pain in his spine for weeks, and he has been on medication for it for a while). Willie couldn’t lift his head without screaming in pain, so he was lying on the floor, not able to move or stand up at all.

I kind of knew it was coming sooner or later, but I didn’t want him to have to die. I sat with him, holding his paw, broshing his fur and playing with his toys to try and get him able to eat some food with medicine in it, but I wasn’t too successful, although I did manage to calm him down, and almost got him to sleep a few times.

We called the Vet, and they came around at 3:30 this afternoon. they told us that there wasn’t much they could do, and due to the level of pain he was in, they thought it best to put him to sleep.

Usually he hates Vets, and growls crazy at them, but this time he just looked at them, and allowed them to put a muzzle on him (he was a Rottweiller x Dobbermann) they clipped a little patch of fur from his right front paw, before giving him an overdose of Anesthetic.

I just held his paw the whole time, and stroked his head behind his ear… just the way he let me do to him a thousand times before. Then all of a sudden he was wide awake, looking around as if nothing was wrong, before panting, almost smiling, and drifting into a sleep he wouldn’t wake up from.

I couldn’t stop crying for I don’t know how long… Realising my friend had gone, but remembering how much pain he was in, I am happy he had a quick death, and I am glad I was there to comfort him before he was gone.

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. elliebelly says:

    Ooohhh, I’m sorry to hear about Willie. Dogs are the best friends. *hugs* take care.

  2. isys says:

    *hugest hugs* I know its hard babe and u will miss him heaps but he’s no longer in pain and gone to a better place. Im here for u, you know that.

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