Posted: January 15, 2003 in Personal, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone!

Well, its been a while, hasn’t it? I dont know where to start!

Cathryn and I are coming up on our 20 month anniversary, which I cant believe we have got this far! I love her so much, and so deeply, but I never expected it all to last this long, I still feel as if I am dreaming, and I am going to wake up soon… I don’t want to wake up though…

We are both going to Queensland over the Easter break, and I have just booked the flights and accomidation today, so we are both excited about that. Going to be soooo much fun!

Work is getting full-on. I had to work Christmas Day, earning only weekend base rate, which kinda sucked, but i got fed heaps though (I was at a reception) so that was good.

This year has already had it’s dramas at work, with me firstly beign stuck with a used syringe, whilst checking for them in toilets at a shopping centre (part of the job). the asshole jukie shithead left it on a baby change table in the disabled toilets, only 2 metres from a needle disposal bin, so i was pissed to say the least.

I pulled the table open (retractable into the wall) and saw one right next to my left hand, so I went to the cleaning room to get a disposal bottle, but when i found it, I realised i had blood on my finger.

I panicked (as you do in these situations) and called my boss to see what i should do (leave work, or wait) I had to wait for him to come down, but he calmed me right down, and told me exactly what to do.

I went to the hospital after work, taking the needle with me in the bottle, and told them what happened. they filled me with Hepatitis B Vaccine (which I had not had yet) and explained I probably didn’t get HIV from such a small prick on the finger.

They wanted to take blood, but I had been awake too long, and hadn’t eaten for ages, so I said I would get it done at my local GP.

Did all of that, and got the results last week… I am CLEAR!!!!! (more tests in 3 months time as wel as more Vaccine boosters to follow)

Also, this past weekend, I was working at the reception place again. During closings, there was a fight out the front between a samoan security officer (off-duty) and an old italian man. I went to break it up (grabbing the italian man of course) but when i pulled him away, the Samoan man went for me, crushing my throat, and screaming crazy talk in my face, whilst pulling his fist right back, ready to punch my face in. luckily his wife and friends pulled him off, but I still had to call the police, as it was an assult and all of that.

Naturally he left before they got there, so there wasn’t much they could do except take down details, and file a report.

yeah all fun and games for me, huh?

I cant think of anything else to tell you, to be honest, but if anyone wants to know anything, please email me, or comment here, so i can reply to you!

see ya soon okay?

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. isys says:

    AT least u cant say ur job is boring huh? 😉 Im glad you’re all ok though.
    Congrats on u and Cathryn thats fantastic! I hope Clint and i are still together after that long.

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