Security Guard Axeman!!!!!

Posted: September 3, 2002 in Catherine, Personal

Hi Everyone,

Well, where to start, I have been sooooo busy!!!! I have got my Security License now, and have got a job doing Security and the likes now… My first shift was guarding a Bus Depot, which was pretty easy, but still a lot of work I had to guard 190 busses all on my own, and prevent grafitti artists from vandalising the busses.

The next step for me is to get my level 3, which is my Handcuffs, Baton and Firearms Licence, so I have a fair bit to go before I will be happy…


Cathryn and I are coming up on our 16-month, and naturally I love her even more than ever… I hope we can be together forever!

The other day, Andy (Cathryn’s friend from Sydney), Cathryn and I met up with Ellie  and her friend Kellie at The Lucksmiths concert. I had never heard them before, so it was all new to me, but I liked them, they kicked ass!

It was really good to see Ellie again, and to FINALLY meet Kellie, seeing as Kellie was the person who introduced me to Ellie… kinda weird, huh?

TAFE is going good too… nothing to complain about, and can’t think of anything to tell you about it.

Cathryn has returned from her 2 weeks away with her sister up to the N.T. safely, which is good. I missed her more than I would have thought possible!

Cathryn grew up, and went to Primrary School up there, so it was like a flash-back for them, apparently, visiting the place where she was born (in S.A.) on the way, and staying in heaps of really cool places!



What else can I tell you all?

Ooooo! Jessica has got an exhibition on for the next few weeks (her 3rd one this year) so thats looking promising for her…

Cant think of much else, so I will have to write again if I think of anything else…

See Ya Later

~*Axeman Out*~


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