I’m 21!!!

Posted: July 13, 2002 in Catherine, Personal, Shenanigans

Hi Everyone!

First party is over, and it all went really well
just few people over for a light dinner at my place, and that kinda thing
Tonight is the pub crawl of all crawls!!!!
about 30 people comingto that one, so I hope we all get into the pubs…

Thank you for your birthday message in your journal, meant a lot!!
*hugest huggz*

ummmm….. got some excellent presents
Cathryn got me a new wallet (very spiffy one, too!)
a tshirt (says INSECURITY across the front)
and a yummy little cake (chocolate mud cake)

my sis got me a hip-flask (looks like a small jerry can, and its engraved)

mum and nan got me a drill! (kicks ass, been drilling everything not nailed down)

aaron and bekkah got me GUINNESS!!! (1 can of Draught, 1 can of original, and a longneck of original, as well as a Guinness Glass Aaron nicked from a pub…)

so far thats it, but presence is better than presents!! (in most cases j/k)

anyways, just saying thankyou to everyone who remembered, and hello to everyone else

Se ya all sooner or later

~*Axeman Out*~


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