Advice From Friends Time….

Posted: May 6, 2002 in Catherine, Personal

Hello Everyone.

Well, who would have thought I would update this journal again this year?!

Just letting you know whats new for me… ummm….. been back in my TAFE / Uni course now for almost 4 months now, and I am enjoying it enough to stay in it.

Cathryn and I have been together now for almost a year!!!

Damn time has flown, it only seems like about 6 months. I love her more and more every day we are together, and I think that we have grown closer and closer since the day we met (May 16th 2001).

I have been trying to think of something to draw for her for our anniversary, but I am totally stuck… I know how to present it, and I cant tell you that bit yet, but I just cant think of an actual picture to draw.

Any suggestions would be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!! Leave a comment for me, or email me…

Thanks muchly, see ya later

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. rancidmole says:

    draw a picture of both of you!
    btw, i hardly come on icq anymore. download msn!

  2. rancidmole says:

    oh yeah, congratulations!

  3. elliebelly says:

    Time is a wheel in constant motion always rolling us along
    *agrees with above sentiments* Picture of the two of you sounds really good. If not, how about something that either is, or symbolises something special to the two of you?
    And yes congrats also.:)

  4. Hmmmm…..
    Sounds good, except I cant draw people…
    I’ll give it a go though, it is a great idea
    and thanks to both of you, i really appreciate it

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