A post from Cathryn…

Posted: January 1, 2002 in Catherine, Personal

ello, I’m Cathryn -Pat’s girlfriend. Some of you might already know me but I know there’s a few of you who have never met me and I thought it was probably about bloody time I introduce myself electronically. It was Pattie’s suggestion actually and he set up this tiny screen which I’m supposed to type in but the font is so small I have to scrunch up my nose like a granny and squint about a nose length away from the screen to see that I’m actually spelling everything correctly. Quite an apt descritpion I’ve given really, given that we’re drinking tea and eating bikkies which by the way is a bloody ridiculous thing to do at the commencement of January – THE MIDDLE OF SUMMER!!!! I hope I’m not the only one pissed off with this crap Victorian weather, I mean how dare it be 20 degrees and raining when I’m on holidays!!!!

EEEEk, I’m supposed to be introducing myself and here I am complaining about the weather, sorry!! Let me see, I’m a 20 year old self righteous but gracious female who lives with the lovely Louisa (hopefully you’ll get to meet her one day too) in a flat that has a view of the city (amongst other features – like the seinfield security system). I work full time as a Community Corrections Officer (Pattie can tell you what that entails) and no that’s not how we met!!! I’m also studying criminal justice administration at RMIT Bundoora on a part time basis and am currently totally unprepared for the onset of summer classes in January (something Patricka’s never heard of but supports me with all the same). Um what else, I try to swim once a week and I love how this has recently become a funky thing to do thanks to ‘the secret life of us’ except I can guarantee that I don’t look like Claudia Carver in a bathing suit. A friend and I are planning to take up yoga soon – if anyone else is interested in this, let me know because we need all the motivation we can summon, even though it’s supposed to be a ‘relaxing’ activity.

Following on from the recreational activity drivel, I just have to boast that I’ve recently returned from a three day canoeing trip with my brother, sister and dad, it was mostly fun but the adventure became a bit much when my dad and sister ‘capsized’ but apparantly that’s what it’s all about. One other acheivement I’m in the process of mastering is quitting smoking, an effort I have to thank Trix for and wil probably be able to maintain, any helpful hints, let me know.

Anyway that is plenty – love to hear from you all and hopfully someday I can meet you all.

bye bye


P.S I forgot to say HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! XXOO


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