Got into Graphic Arts!!!

Posted: December 6, 2001 in Personal, Work


I Almost Forgot!!!!!

I had my interview for University / TAFE on Monday, and I was packing myself over it, thinking what would happen if I didn’t get in for yet another year… I Couldn’t work for another year with no qualifications…

Anyway I did my whole folio presentation, and some ass-kissing, and the suit was obviously helping a little, because it meant I wasn’t wearing my Hawaiian shirt…

Anyway after about 10 minutes, the interviewer said “Okay Patrick, I know you are eager to do the course, and your folio is improving by the year, so I will give you an “A” letter”

I could only say “hummuuumph MUH!” or something like that…

I am now a proud student of Victorian University, Diploma of Graphic Arts!!!!!!!!!

talk to you soon, see ya later!


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