Quick Update For Now…

Posted: November 20, 2001 in Car, Catherine, Movies

Okay where do I start…?

I forgot to mention before that I went to the movies on Friday with Cathryn and her Dad to see The Man Who Sued God (The new Billy Connolly one), and I must say that it is a very good movie, easy on the mind, and funny too… Actually turned out to be a love story!

Ummm…. I think I figured out what to get Cathryn for our Anniversary, although it is a little late… but I think I have a good excuse, seeing I was helping her move all weekend, and didn’t get a chance to get her anything…

Ooooooo!!!! On the weekend, my Rearview mirror fell off, (Actually on Friday Evening) so I called the guy to come and fix it, and he said the earliest was Monday, so I had to go all weekend without a rearview mirror, and I’ll tell you now, you never know how much you actually use it until it is gone!!!

And if Jennie is reading this, GET ME SOMETHING GROOVY IN IRELAND TOMORROW!!!! And see you really soon!!!! we’ve all missed you, and you have missed out on sooooooooo much!!!!!!

Talk to everyone really soon, I am going to go to bed now…

~*Axeman Out*~


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