Hello Again!

Posted: November 15, 2001 in Boring, Personal

Wow, someone better get a photo of this, two updates in one night!!!!!

not really much to say really, just got a few issues on my mind that need a bit of a think…
Still trying to get an idea of what to do on our 6 Month, any ideas are more than welcome! ummm……. thought this was interesting, and figured I should share it with you all…

-Idiot Story-

A hairdresser in Colombia believes he has the baldness problem licked.
The barber from Pereira, which is approximately 100 mile east of the
Bogota capital, uses a special tonic and has an actual cow massage his
clients scalp with its tongue to encourage hair growth. One of the
customers said the treatment has actually made him feel more masculine
and more attractive to women.

Damn, they got some weird ones in America!

Oh, and I thought I might say a quick hello to the hoards of readers I have already… namely, Ellie, Lorraine and RancidMole (sorry, forgot your real name…!)

apart from their journals, I have only really been following one journal, and I thought some of you would find it interesting…
it is at Not Going To Stop and is an insight to the September 11 Disaster, from a person who lives only a few blocks from ground zero…

really worth a read!

can ya tell I need my sleep?

see you all soon

~*Axeman Out*~

  1. rancidmole says:

    Muhahahaha. It’s Nick.

  2. Hewwo!
    Ahhhhh!!!!!! Hello Nick, sorry, I lost icq a few months ago, and that included you, hows y been?! re-add me if you can
    if you arent sure of my number, email me, and i’ll give it to ya again!!!
    also go sign my guestbook!

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