Weekend With Cathryn

Posted: July 9, 2001 in Car, Catherine, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone.

Well where can I start?! I have been going flat-chat trying to find a job, and spending as much time as I can with Cathryn, that I haven’t had much time for anything else, including updating this.

I have been to a few interviews, but I dont think I should work at the places. One was a sneaky ploy to get people to work in a strip club. They decided to put a mobile number in the ad, and when I called, they gave me an address, but not the name of the place (The Men’s Gallery).

Anyways, I have been looking everywhere, but it doesn’t look like there is much out there for someone who doesn’t have much, if any experience in any career path.

I am starting to give up hope on the job problem, and the fact I dont have one.

My car is playing stupid bastards with me again. I just had to put it in for a service, because it is just way too crappy, with no pickup, and the gas system is screwy, so that isn’t good.

Anyways, on a happier note, I had a wonderful weekend with Cathryn.

On about Thursday I think it was, we went to see Tomb Raider (suprisingly her choice, contrary to what others may think) which was a really excellent movie!

We had to find some packing tape on the way home, because I was a genius, and locked my keys in the car again… twice this week, now…

Ummm…. Friday night we had dinner on Brunswick St. Fitzroy, with a few of her Uni friends, who seemed pretty cool… We had some pretty good conversation about stuff, and school and more stuff. After dinner, Cathryn and I, and one of her Uni friends got some Ice-Cream at charmaine’s (all natural, really great ice-cream).

Saturday night I got to play in my friend’s band again, and had to play another new song, but I dont remember the name of it… They just forgot what song was next, and I dont think they realised that I was still on stage… they made me play it, and it didn’t sound TOO bad I guess, considering I have only heard it a few times…

After that, we went to Switch Nightclub in the city, and met up with Cassie and Steve. Apparently it was a Heavy Metal night, but somehome I don’t think the theme from Ghostbusters, and Bobby Brown are in the Heavy Metal classification, but it was definately interesting to see headbangers dance to Bobby Brown…

Yesterday Cathryn and I had to clean up her place, because she has a house inspection and stuff today, so we did the gardening, while her flatmate did the inside.

If I ever see another weed in my life, it will be too soon!!!!


Anyways, I am buggered, and I think I will go to bed, so I will try and update with something more interesting really soon, okay?

See ya…

~*Axeman Out*~


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