R.S.A. Certificate Started

Posted: June 8, 2001 in Personal, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone.

Well what can I say, last weekend was a busy one…

It started on Saturday night, when I got to play with my friend’s band again, this time, they had me play a new song, that they had never done, and neither had I, but I think it went pretty well…

The songs were as follows:

Thankyou – Dido / Bongo (new song)

Long Train Running – Doobie Brothers / Bongo

April Sun In Cuba – Dragon / Guitar

Blister In The Sun – Violent Femmes / Guitar

The band apparently didn’t want to do the last one, but I got them to do it anyways, mainly cos I started it, and they had to follow, because I had the drummer in on it too…

Cathryn came to see that, and I think she enjoyed herself. We might be going down on the 16th as well, because they want me to play with them again, so who knows… Cathryn said she would love to come, so maybe she did enjoy it…?

After that, I was restless, so I dragged her to the House Of Fools for a bit, and then my sister called up drunk, and insisted we go over to her boyfriends place to visit/meet her, so we stopped in there for a bit, and then finally got home at about 4:30am

On Sunday morning, I had to get up early, because I was helping to organise the Resposible Service of Alcohol Certificate at the pub.

It was an effort, but I managed to get there 15 minutes early, which was all good… met up with some old friends there too…

The guy instructing the course forgot some stuff for us, so we have to go back again on sunday and finish the course to get our certificates, which kind of sucks, but it is all good, I mean we are getting qualifications out of it…

I am really too tired to type anything else, so see you in about a week, when I can be bothere updating this again…

See ya all later!!!

~*Axeman Out*~


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