I’m A Teenage Dirtbag…

Posted: May 6, 2001 in Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone.

Wow, who woulda thought?! Two updates in one week?!?!?!

Well this is a special update, just to fill you in on tonight.

I performed in my friend Denzil’s band “Denzil Does Dallas”, and I would have to say that it turned out really well!

I played Three of my Four songs, which was good, even though I was prepared to play all four, ecept the band started it without me…

I got about 30 seconds notice for the first one, and I had to strap my Bongo on with my belt, which isn’t easy, but I was told I did a good job on the Bongo, which is always a good sign…

Straight after, as I was taking off my bongo, I was told I had to play another song, but on guitar… I didn’t get time to put my belt back on, so I was losing my pants, but it was all good…

At the end of the next set, I got to play a new one, which I have only known for a few weeks, and I have never performed live before…

At the end of it, The drummer started drum solo, so I broke into an ear-piercing solo, that got people screaming (good screaming, not bad…) The band loved that it….

The songs I played in order of performance were:

Doobie Brothers – “Long Train Running” (Bongo)

Dragon – “April Sun In Cuba” (Guitar)

Wheatus – “Teenage Dirtbag” (Animal)

By the last song, I was so hyped up on adrenaline, that I was head-banging, and jumping around, and generally having a bloody ball, which is a change from my normal “quiet life”…

Hopefully next time I will see more of my friends there, as the only person I knew there was Sue, who I suckered into coming, and drove her there, so it doesn’t count… FIRST SATURDAY OF NEXT MONTH!!!!!! BE THERE!!!!!!!!!

Anyways after the concert, I was so hyped, that Sue and I went to a nightclub called Monsoon at The Hyatt in Collins Street… There are actually two nightclubs in the same building, which made it confusing… One is in a Food Court, which I thought was weird, but it was deinately going off, then there was Monsoon.

Monsoon was very dark inside, but the music was good, and not overly loud, and the place looked very upmarket… Thank god we had our names on the door (Long Story)…

Anyways I just got home, and I am buggered, so I am going to bed now…

See Ya Later

~*Axeman Out*~


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