Ellie’s Birthday

Posted: May 4, 2001 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans, Work

Hello Everyone.

Well where should I start?

I have had two minor accidents since I last wrote here, my car is only slightly damaged from the second one.

The first one involved some moron being too close to me when I braked for another car in front of me. The guy behind went up my back end, cracking his grille, but not even scratching my car.

The second was my fault, but I didn’t hit anyone…

I was driving on a cold morning, and my windows were fogged. I was backing out of a carpark, and hit a nice little steel pole. Most of the damage has been fixed on that one by myself…

Anyways, after that accident, I went into the city to go to Carlton & United Breweries to do a course on how to tap Kegs, and run the gas lines safely. (Basically so I can change kegs at the pub).

Had to get out to Abbotsford, which was a problem, cos I had to get through the M1 protests in the city. I managed to get there only 2 minutes late, so that was kewl.

We got free tea and coffee, but no free beer… IT WAS A BREWERY WITH NO FREE BEER!!!!!!

When that was all done, I walked around town for a bit, got some new strings for my guitar, and eventually headed back to the pub to talk to the boss, and to check out the gas system at the pub.

Played pool for a bit, before Helen (The psycho) came in… she started to annoy me, so I left early, and went to Ellie’s house, becuase it was her birthday, and Carmel and I had organised dinner for her, but I was told not to tell her anything.

We sat and talked for a bit, and I think I bored her a bit talking about my car and kegs of beer, but eventually Carmel and Joanne got there, and we all made her get ready, and went for a drive.

We had an excellent meal in Yarraville at the Bluestone Hotel, before going on a drive around the neighbourhood.

Before we left the Hotel though, a woman came up to the car as we were about to pull out, and started asking me stuff, but I couldn’t understand her, because she was speaking Yugoslavian, so I got out, and followed her back to her place accross the road, and then I figured out what she wanted…

Her son had made her a new letterbox, but she couldn’t get it onto the pole in the front garden, so she wanted me to do it for her…

Remember that this is at 9:30 at night…

I tried to do it, honestly I did, but none of the bolts would fit, so I couldn’t do it. I really felt sorry for her in a way…

Anyways, after that we drove to Williamstown Beach, driving past my house, but no one could guess which house was mine…

Then we drove to Altona Beach, and parked the car. We got out, and walked around a bit, then wrote our names in the sand really big. I couldn’t believe how cold it was, I could feel it on my fingers and my nose, but the rest of me was warm as always…

We drove around for another hour or so after that, before Joanne finally dropped Ellie and I off at Ellie’s house. We both ended up standing in the kitchen and talking for about 3 hours.

We didn’t really talk about anything in particular, just bits and pieces, like school, Year 12, Web Pages, Writing, Music, Playing Guitar, etc… But it was great none the less.

It has been ages since I have had a propper conversation with anyone, especially Ellie. We normally talk heaps, I just haven’t seen her in ages.. (Gotta do something about that, ay, Ellie..?)

The drive home was a strange one… It was about 3:30am, and the freeway was almost empty, but the fog was something shocking! I could see about 10 – 20 Metres in front of my car, and when I looked at my speedo, I was doing 140Km/h in the 100Km/h zone!

I couldn’t see my surroundings, so I didn’t realise how fast I was going… I slowed down, needless to say, but I looked again a bit later, and I was back at 140 again, and to make matters worse, cars and even trucks were still passing me, I looked the second time, because I thought I was going TOO SLOW!!!

So I don’t really know what else to say, except


and because I probably won’t update before the end of next week,


See ya all soon

~*Axeman Out*~


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