No Hair!!!!!

Posted: January 12, 2001 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone…

Well what can I say… I have got my stiches out a few weeks ago, courtesy of my mate Sue (fanks Sue!) who is one of the only people who has seen me cry like a girly…

ooooooooo!!!!!!!!! I cut my hair today…. fully off! no ponytail anymore, which is weird, but I am getting used to it, slowly but surely…

It took me seven years to grow it, so it was getting pretty long…

I ran a red light today, not on purpose, I was stopped at it, but I swear it went green. I got half way accross Geelong Road (Main road, 3 lanes each way) and a car turned, and cut me off… I started swearing, and realised no one else had crossed with me. Then I noticed the red light in front of me… I coulda been killed, Geelong Road is an 80Km/h zone, and trucks rarely stop…

Ahh well, all in the name of fun


Anyways, I gotta go, it is 3:25am here, and I need to sleep… been a long day for me…

See ya later…

~*Axeman Out*~


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