Got My P’s!!!!!!

Posted: October 31, 2000 in Boring, Personal

Hello Everyone.


Thats right, they let me on the road, so beware people!!! Everyone was saying I was going to early, but I only lost one point on the driving for not giving way to a pedestrian, and I got a 15/15 for the questions. the Simulator brought in a 75% score, which is funky as far as I am concerned!

Been all over today, from Weribee where I got my test, to South Melbourne, back to Altona, then to Footscray, then back to Williamstown before going home again…

I am soooo knackered…!

I think I am driving to school tomorrow, so we will see if I live. If I do, I guess I am a good driver afterall…

Sorry I haven’t written in here for ages, I have been swamped in all kinds of homework, so I don’t get to update some parts of my site for quite a while. I will make it a priority from now on, I promise…

Apart from that, nothing major in the life of The Axeman…

Try to write soon, okay?

I gotta jet, see ya soon!!!

~*Axeman Out*~


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