Car Registered!!!!!!

Posted: October 13, 2000 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone.

Where to begin?! I have been so busy and swamped in homework, I haven’t had any time to write in here. Sorry if you needed an ‘Axeman Fix’ for the week.



My Number Plate is QLW-627 so if you see it going around, pay hommage to it, and place money under the wipers…

I went to the Formal for St. John’s Ambulance last weekend, which was something different. I got to get drunk, which is a rare treat these days, and I got to do it in a suit and a Hawaiian Shirt… always classy…

I went on a photoshoot for school on Wednesday night, getting photos of the old Red Building down the road. It was built in 1928, and shows its age. worth taking photos of… We went down to the Newport Railyards which is a little further down the road, where we managed to get some more pics of smashed up trains, and stuff like that.

One of their older train sheds was kind of open, and with a tight squeeze through a hole in the wall, we got into a locked area used for storage. I got a few more pics in there, and we found some signs (I have a thing for street signs) so I grabbed them, and continued to look around.

When we finally noticed that the Sun was going down, and it was getting late, we crawled out through the hole in the wall, and headed down to the gate where we came in through, only to notice that some bright spark had locked the gate, and we were locked in.

This posed as a problem…

We were standing there with a few armloads of signs, and no escape. I then noticed a security mirror like they have in 7-11, so I grabbed that too. we threw them all over the fence, and attempted to climb it.

This fence was 12 feet high, with two lots of Heavy Duty Barbed-Wire, and get this, the gates, had Laser Beam motion detectors, hooked up to the Silent Alarms…

I got the camera from Aaron after he had jumped it, because I can’t jump, cos of my knees and stuff.

I walked back into the place looking for Security to let me out, and was told they were investigating the silent alarm.

I went back, and no one was there, except Aaron, who said no one had been down there. So here I am, stuck in Fort Knox, with no way out.

I ended up having to wait for a train to leave, and as the gates opened, I had to run infront of the train, and out the gate, before it hit me…


Oh, I managed to salvage the signs too, with the super help of Aaron. I have the mirror on my bed head, a Hig Voltage sign under that, and the rest of them are still being prepared to go on a wall somewhere…

My mum saw them when I got home… her only response was “Take them to your room, don’t leave them in the living room…” My Mum rules…

Oh, today (Friday 13th) is my Mum’s 55th Birthday, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY MUM!!!!!!


I met up with my groovy cyber-sis/friend Ellie again today, and we hung around at my school while I typed up her resume for her. She thought that it would only JUST fill a page if we were lucky. I managed to tech her a new art. The art of Bullshitting.

It ended up taking up an entire Three pages.


That’s about all that has happened in the last week or two I will write anything down in here if I remember something I have forgotten, so don’t worry…

See ya all soon

~*Axeman Out*~


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