Posted: October 3, 2000 in Car, Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone.


I finally got a Roadworthy on my car! that means that on Friday when I register it into my name, we can go cruising!!!

My friend Nathan has to drive, cos I don’t have my license yet, but that is next on the list of things to get…

Ummm……. apart from that, nothing much has been happening in my life. I am still single (Big suprise there…) and no one has really done much lately…

Jessica decided to go to the City last week wearing nothing more than her underwear and a trench coat. Nathan and I dropped her at Bourke Street at 11pm, and she got home at about 4am. It was a Rocky Horror Picture Show Anniversary screening, and she dressed up as Frankenfurter, her idol.

I think she won a DVD and a few other things, not too sure…

Sorry I haven’t updated in so long, not much really happens in my life that is worth puting onto the Internet.

I will have to do something to fix that, huh?


Anyways I gotta go again

See ya later

~*Axeman Out*~


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