Day In Bendigo

Posted: September 22, 2000 in Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone.

Ergh….. what a huge day it was yesterday!!!

I couldn’t begin to tell you, even if I could hold my eyes open and type it at the same time, which I can’t, so what I am going to do is copy and paste from a friend’s journal, who was also there at the time.

Thankyou Ellie for the following journal-ness, even though she doesn’t know I am doing this. If you don’t want it here Ellie, tell me and I will remove it.

Written by my friend Ellie, so it might be a little loose, because I have tried to translate it to me, so I am sorry if it gets confusing.


The three of us caught the train down to Bendigo, which took about an hour and a half, and it was certainly an interesting train ride. It included a game of “Kit Kat” that in the past, only Caz and Ellie have been game to play. Some people have accepted this game of Kit Kat by them, but nobody has ever joined in. This is scary.

Anyways, once we got out of the train, Caz was absolutely freaking out- too scared to look for Pauly Wauly, hiding behind me until we worked out who was who (Pauly Wauly’s sister asked Ellie if the girl who was hiding was Caroline) They were so cute though, not even saying hello to each other for about 5 minutes.

Anyway, the next thing that had to be done was to walk into “town” (three streets worth of shops) and go into the toyshop with the aim of getting kicked out. Amazingly, for a town with a talking tram, there was a noticeable lack of talking toys. Still, there were other things- bikes, balls, hula-hoops etc. And after we’d played with all of them, whilst doing the simple act of running around the shop looking for Caz, we managed to get kicked out, being told there was a playground in the mall. hmmmph.

After that little expedition, Caz insisted that Ellie and I disappear until lunchtime and so we went opshopping for the next hour or two. On our journey Ellie bought her sister a couple of presents- a “number fun” set of sparkly stickers, and a pair of second-hand knitting needles from the Salvation Army shop. She was outdone however, by Pat’s present of a button, also from the Salvation Army shop.

We met up in the middle of the day for lunch. Chips And Gravy. Not just chips and gravy, but famous chips and gravy, as the big sign on the front said. Time to play tourists. So I put on my best American accent and ordered three chips and gravy, and an Australian meat pie (for Pauly Wauly, who has chips and gravy every day). When questioned on where I was from by another customer listening in, I replied “Melbourne” back in the Aussie accent. Pauly Wauly then insisted that we sit on the grass bit and pretend we’re having a picnic. The chips and gravy were disgusting, but I still ate them all to prove a point.

Ellie ate one Caz had three, but it was the most disgusting thing I have tasted ever… well nearly When we had finished our lunch, Caz was dared by me to go into a shop holding a map upside down and ask where ogidneb was. She did that, in an op-shop, buying a Barry Crocker record for 50 cents in the meantime. While Caz and I were doing that, Pauly Wauly said to Ellie “Jesus, I thought you’d be the scary one- you’re the tamest of the three of you” I don’t think the poor lad will be wanting to meet any more of us Melbournians for a little while.

The Ride home was much the same as the ride up, with more biting, and weirdness than I have ever experienced… I am leaving it at that… no more comments!

Today I met up with Ellie, and a longtime net friend called Lana. Ellie actually introduced me to her ages ago, but we haven’t really talked much until recently, because she was never online.

I must say, Lana is a very groovy chick… HI LANA!!!!


Anyways I gotta go again… Ellie and Lana have worn me totally out today, so I will have to tell you about today tomorrow, if that makes sense…

Even if it doesn’t, I wouldn’t know, so I will read this entry tomorrow, and figure out what I meant. (Hopefully.)

See ya

~*Axeman Out*~


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