The Hat!!!

Posted: September 13, 2000 in Personal, Shenanigans

Hello Everyone.

Tonight was an interesting night, full of a lot of weird and wonderful events for everyone.

It started when me and my friend Aaron were at Highpoint, and we decided to have some fun in Toys R Us, so we went in, and got a soccer ball, where we proceeded to play a full match in Aisle 3, which was the Barbie Aisle.

We went all around the shop, coming close to killing a few kids, and ended up in the Barbie Aisle again, where Aaron did a huge kick, killing half of the Barbie stock.

We moved to the Scooter section next, where we played derbies around the shop on them, until Aaron changed his for a bike and rode around until we were bored of it.

We left and went down to Rebel Sport, where we continued the soccer match, until we were told off, and left.

We went into the City after that to meet Rhian for the movies. She was running late, so I decided to head down to the World Economic Forum protesting down at Crown Casino. It was looking pretty tense, so I told the others to get something to eat, and to call me and tell me when the movie started.

They called me about 15 minutes before start time, and said hurry up. I had to run down Spencer Street, up Collins Street, and through back alley-ways to get there, but I did. it was a fair run, about 2 km at least, but I did it!!!


we watched Scarey Movie, which I thought was kinda lame and crappy, and then we left and sent Rhian home with her brother.

Aaron and I decided to go to the Olympic Soccer in Melbourne at the MCG, so we went, and saw the end of the game on the Jumbo Screen from outside. After it was over, I saw a SOCOG guys hat, and said I had to have one.

I walked really slowly behind a short fat guy with a hot dog, and as he was biting into the hotdog, grabbed his hat off his head, and bolted off. He started yelling, and managed to keep up for a good distance, and started gaining on me, so I had to drop it and run for my life.

Better luck next time….

Anyways I have to go now

See ya all soon

~*Axeman Out*~


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